Monday, February 22, 2010

Putting in Work!

It took a while but here's the first post, luckily things have been busy aroud here so the oppurtunity to post hasnt been too frequent. Floyd has been cranking out Gentleman's Boomboxes and doing some amazing buildouts and this is the place to get a glace of the behind the scenes action and the finished products. We will also be posting a retrospect of all the things that have been happening in these heavenly bearded walls in this past year so please stop by frequently.

First and foremost Floyd came up with some new shirt designs for our opening this past second friday (incase you didnt know every second friday of the month we open our doors to the public from 6pm to 10pm)

All the shirts get hand screen printed in the gallery, which rarely happens anymore. So when you spend 10 bucks on an Artpentry shirt you actually get sweat, sawdust and the smell of radness free of charge!

This is the "Nerds like to Math Debate" shirt. Its actually a social comentary that Floyd was trying to make about the downfall of America's economy........ok so it has nothing to do with the economy but its damn funny and also comes in sweatshirt form.

These new beauties displayed across the rail where printed up especially for Valentines day. Even tho that day has long past (and we sold most of them) it's never a bad time to pick up red beard or "pink burger" shirt.

Here's a shot of the new Gentleman's Boomboxes (a much more detail post about these will come soon). If you want to inquire about having one of these pieces of functional art in your home please feel free to send your questions to
Please believe that there's much more to show, and all will be revealed in due time. But if you don't like to wait then just let us know you want to stop in. We love to have as many visitors as possible so drop us a line through this blog, email me(Clinton) or Floyd at, or call us at 312-NAG-TOTS
PS you can email any questions you may have about the gallery or life decisions you need to make........Im here to help and love you!

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