Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Gentleman's Boombox

I first gave a glimspe of these in the earlier post but I figured I'll give you all a little more info on what we call the "Gentleman's Boombox." Floyd took a set of speakers and your grandfather's suitcase and made them get busy, and outcame these amazing pieces of functional art. Each Boombox is hand made here at Artpenty and are setup to plug right into your ipod, iphone, icouch or any other sweet audio device you have. Every Gentleman's Boombox is an "1 of 1" which means no person will have the same one so every piece has their own story.

Many of these have been sold across the country already so we are overloaded with orders, which is a good problem to have, but heres the newest bunch availible to purchase. To inquire give us a call at 312-NAG-TOTS or email at

ps. Incase you were wondering about that big blur in the pic, you can see it in its entire glory at Code of Conduct(14 E 11th st.) more on that later

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  1. I love these please check out my recycled disco tip of the pops